NSK supports you for the life of your NSK product

NSK supports NSK users with Factory Certified Technical Service for the life of each product which is why NSKare is available to all NSK users throughout England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Gary Stephenson

NSK Service Manager

Gary joined NSK at the beginning of 2015 with a background in the engineering and construction industries. Since joining NSK Gary has trained with NSK UK, NSK Europe, NSK Japan & NSK Oceania on the full range of products as well as training in Italy on the NSK autoclave range. Gary has also completed a City & Guilds training course in Validation of N, S and B type autoclaves and become one of only three NSK Master trainers globally. Please don’t hesitate to contact Gary should you have any technical queries regarding any of our products or servicing issues, or if you feel you would like to sign up to one of NSK’s training days.

Direct Line: 01438 310675
Email: gstephenson@nsk-uk.com

Richard Orton

NSK Technical Service Consultant

Richard works with NSK on a consultancy basis advising on all technical aspects of the NSK range of built-in products. Having worked in the dental industry for many years, Richard has a wealth of experience which he is very happy to share and utilise when it comes to integrating NSK built-in kits. Please call Richard if you have any questions or queries regarding the integration of NSK kits with your existing equipment.

Direct Line: 01438 310675

Albert Parker

NSK Service Engineer

Albert joined NSK in 2018 with a strong background in electronics manufacture and testing for the aerospace and defence industry, along with heavy maintenance of refrigerant systems. Since joining NSK Albert has trained with NSK UK becoming very knowledgeable in repairing the entire dental range of products and takes a lead on in-house electrical safety testing.

Joseph Campo

NSK Service Engineer

Joe joined NSK in 2017 with a proven background in both the lift engineering and white goods service industries. Since joining NSK Joe has trained with NSK UK & NSK Europe on the full range of products and is very knowledgeable in all aspects of repair and maintenance of NSK equipment.

Murray Walton

NSK Service Engineer

Murray has been working for NSK since June 2016 with a background in stock control and a love of creating scale models and car detailing. Murray is proficient in repairing the NSK range of handpieces and takes a strong lead in controlling workshop stock levels and overseeing repair invoicing.


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