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NSKare has been established in the UK to offer factory certified direct technical servicing and repair of all NSK products including NSK handpieces, NSK micromotors and NSK piezo electric ultrasonic scalers. This NSK service is available to all dental practices and laboratories throughout the United Kingdom.

Our highly qualified NSK technicians are factory trained to restore NSK products to original factory performance specifications. We use NSK factory diagnostic equipment to accurately and quickly diagnose problems and, then, to properly correct them. Only genuine NSK Factory spare parts are installed to restore products to original peak performance.


About NS Kare

Market leaders in high-quality turbines, contra-angles and small equipment, NSK are dedicated to delivering high performance products for the whole dental team at affordable prices. Working closely with dental professionals to understand the needs and requirements of individual dental disciplines, NSK can help meet your daily demands in restorative procedures, prosthetics, endodontics, orthodontics, oral hygiene, surgical and laboratory procedures. NSK also provide innovative solutions to ensure care and maintenance of your valuable handpieces.

Easy to use, timesaving and efficient, NSK’s iMax S, iClave Plus, iCare and iCare+ assist in prolonging the life of rotary instruments. All of this is backed up by NSKare, which offers service and repair for NSK products delivered by highly qualified NSK technicians who are factory trained to restore NSK products to original factory performance specifications.

Sending your NSK products to NSKare guarantees sustained future reliability and durability, and restores original factory performance.

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